Josh Cybulski’s debut novel explores a generation who were told they could do anything. Some did, and without a doubt still are, and some became disillusioned at the first signs of adversity. Meet Sarge, Messy, Hecky and R-Luv, four media school grads who head towards the booming film industry in Vancouver. Art is a distant memory as they pursue North Hollywood lights and their spoils of sex, drugs, and, let’s face it, more drugs. But, good luck turns bad in Second Story Work as these young men scramble to sustain whetted appetites that they could never satisfy. Cybulski’s gritty tale is one of crime, betrayal, and moral apathy, where the difference between friend and foe is blurred line after line.

Latest Episodes

Episode 14 - Chapter 34

The Final Chapter of Second Story Work. Matty is on the run, and he'll stop at nothing to get away. 

Episode 13 - Chapters 30-33

Mandy finds out who Derek truly is. 

Episode 12 - Chapter 28 & 29

Derek visits Mandy in Canmore and gets a glimpse of what his life could be. Hecky begins building a bomb. 

Episode 11 - Chapter 27

Derek, Messy, Hecky and R-Luv finally meet The Devil's Grip. Derek comes to terms with who he is and wishes that he was anyone else. 

Episode 10 - Chapter 26

Someone puts a hit out on the boys, and Derek, Hecky and Messy return to Vancouver and discover that there has been a murder in their house.

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